As there are still questions, what so hillarious about beeing a really badass, I have tried to summarize 25 reasons why to choose the way to become a selfish and ignorant single douchebag . There are of course way more 🙂

  1. You don’t have to tell anyone where are you heading and when coming back home
  2. You don’t have to be polite to anyone, because you don’t need a favor
  3. You can drink as much as you can and text anybody you’d like, or U can pick on chicks anywhere (yes, including work)
  4. When making plans, it’s a decision of a second, `cos the only one who matters is You
  5. You may crash anybody`s wedding
  6. You may sleep anywhere with anything on (or anyone 🙂 )
  7. You have it always easy with presents – just bring a bottle along
  8. You do not have to lie to make the others feel good
  9. You have a good sleep, because nobody wakes you up in the middle of the night to ask for help, or even (god protect us) sex !!
  10. You don’t like kids and dogs and are not pretending, that you do
  11. You do not care about gossips about yourself, because they are most likely true
  12. You can go grocery shopping in your worst looking “Alien saying: Got beer” orange T-Shirt and nobody really cares
  13. You can pay with your card when buying a redbull and Corny powerbar
  14. You can be bitchy on the nervous guy behind you in line while paying with you card
  15. You can have an insane ring tone on your cell phone
  16. You are obliged to take pictures of tourists cutting their faces off or guide them in the wrong direction
  17. You can flirt with the moms of your friends
  18. You can order a big pizza (your choice of course) and finish the leftovers whenever you want
  19. You can watch any movie any time you want
  20. You  may have any profile picture in all sort of social networks as nobody really cares if you look like an dumbass
  21. You don`t have to feel guilty having a beer in a strip club
  22. You can think of anything else and be sayin “you`re so right” although you don`t give a damn when listening to someone
  23. When confronted that You were lying, you may answer wit “So, what`s the big deal?”
  24. Nobody expects from you to read between the lines of a high intelectual article
  25. You do not have to think about the point #25 to meet the expectations of a reader