It is the last days I cannot find the peace I need. Maybe too much time spending with a person I don`t like to be alone so often – with myself. The motivation to write this article came from a simple lunch. Nothing fancy, just the kitchenette of IBM. A friend asked me why I am so sad and I could not find a reason why I should be sad. But there is something, I guess – although I thought it will not be visible to others

I have started this year with a big decision – to stay in Brno and settle down. Of course this decision did not come from one day to another. And this is what I see as a problem which worries me. A careful reader of this blog might found out, that since in Brno, I did not live alone. And the last three years I had a awesone flatmate. And the last two years of it a soulmate and the closest friend. A person I could trust, a person I could depend on. Always

As the months were passing and we were having really great time together during the east coast roadtrip, croatian roadtrip, there was something growing in my mind. That I needed a change. To move out of a rental appartment and find something what I can call home. Just imagine I have started to think about this on begin of fall 2009 and I got the final decision after my 28th birthday.

If you did not really get header, still getting to it. I have to say I am sorry one more time. I know that she is not gonna read this, but I hope I willl drop something of my chest.

I am sorry I did not tell you about my plans and I am sorry you had to figure out the way You did. Everything what I said was true, but the truth came too late. I will never forgive myself that I have  not brought that up to You as to the first one

Living alone now for over two months is getting me to think what I had and what I`ve lost. Focusing now to build a new home which will bring me joy. But I will always miss you, because you tought me to trust and belive. And I miss as well those little annoying things, and cannot belive how many fights we had because of this

Having both of us a new place to live lead to a point that I lost a flatmate. But I will always keep you as a close friend, because you are one of the few people in this world who really matter to me

Dedicated to Saanti