It has been some days since my last post. I will defend myself like I did against my mom – I am really busy. Due to last weeks presence in Hannover, I had to leave everything behind. Including family, friends (those few who are left). What I cannot do, is split myself and work on more than one activity. I just can`t. I got in a fight with my parents today, what`s the deal about not answering email / not writing what`s new. When I said, just read my blog, I got nearly my head torn off. But to be honest, there is just not that much goin on, that would make me write even 3-4 sentences. Unfortunetally now I am stuck only with texting “Got okay to hannover, trip sucked-lot of traffic jams, have a nice eve

Promising everywhere that I will do something, or be somewhere became lately a frequent activity of mine. Everybody who belived that I will show up somewhere or simmilar, already figured out that I did not. Well, sorry for that – dunno really what to do first. I still live in a mess and I`m  still late with my responces regarding emails, contracts and other To Do`s. And the lads from the bank or energysuppliers just hate late answers. Regarding this, I may cross as well the “First mail to the new adress” , I got a really friendly reminder to pay for electricity. Ehm.. I think I will – soon

Regarding posts here on the blog, I can just promise, I am finishing the post about US roadtrip 2009 (part deux) and started a brand new post about my dear companion. But you already know how it is with my promisses

Till then I am gonna try to fight the heat, avoid the storms and eat my veggetables

Wish you all a nice weekend