Another post in English, another one which should not be read by my family. Haven`t written a post for days. Was quite busy, well who`s not, right? Having sooo much to do at work, at home. And trying to cool off in the meantime. And of course riding the bike

To find something suitable to write about, I had almost to die. No, I`m not kidding. Two different stories, one same result. Today I am gonna write about how two people tried to kill me. Lot of friends already said, that with my mouth I deserve someone to hit it. But I think, they meant it metaforicaly. But not these people

The road clash – It was a fine day, I was spending it by my parents in Vrutky. A cherry of awesomness on the top of the chocolate cake called  perfectness was the match Slovakia vs Italy. As you maybe know, Slovakia won 3:2. What was even better, after long time I was really happy I watched soccer in TV, together with my dad. After the match was finished, I`ve decided to pack and leave to Brno to avoid rush hour next morning. To show how I liked the game and maybe show a bit of how I am proud to my nation, I have put a small flag on the car. Said goodbye to mom & dad and left. Sun was still shining, people were waving and smiling. I was the only car with a slovakian flag. Running with czech plates. That`s called irony. nevertheless, I was happy and enjoyed it all

This changed dramatically in Zilina. Heading to the freeway a truck came from behind, it was still the city (80km/h), I was on the left lane driving 82 – 85km/h passing busses. Well, the driver started to honk and giving me the lights. As I wrote, still in the city, right line was quite full so why bother. Don`t even wanna write that in that traffic a truck heading 80 is safe as a deflated balon-animal used by the adults when the clown leaves..ehm

Wile leaving Zilina and driving already in the right lane I have noticed THAT truck is passing by. Well, just go, you Mofo, I have said in my mind. Just a half second later that douche started why I am writing this post. He started to move to my lane. Hmm, on the right a concrete wall, on the left a 15m long truck. And my lane was getting thinner. I was honking (I thought that the idiot is just watching a movie, eating, sleeping or jerking off  – well the usual trucker stuff while driving), but no – his intention was to ram me to the wall… after the lane was really thin and still driving 70km/h I`ve decided to put the pedal to the metal and brake… that saved me, the douche continued as nothing happened. Well, again a note to myself – fuck him, I think his ego is now okay. After some more meters and leaving Zilina behind, there is a short highway part, at this I have passed by few trucks. Decided to take the northway (Makov-Valmez-Prerov) I turned to Bytca, driving slowly (because that 50 over there is really in place). And again a truck passing, and again an internal comment “Where the hell do they driving that fast” .. But it was him again, the douche with south-east slovakian plates. And started again. A bus in my lane, a field on the right and a douche on the left. Some of you maybe know the classy manouver from the czech highway D1 A difference to the truckers “warning” from Zilina was that he was not getting slowly to my lane, this time he just rammed me. A milisecond decision, I have turned the car to the field, braking like hell. And I know, that all the guys up there like me for some reason. No scratch, nothing with the car. Next thougt was I am gonna get out of that field, but I did it. Phuu.. Shaking, swearing, but I was okay. If there woudn`t be that field, but a tree.. hmm.. I rather not continue. With shaking hands I`ve decided to get the flag down, turn around and take the highway thru Trencin. This was the first time in my life I was scared that I`am gonna lose it. And because of what? my nation`s flag? By driving what the law says? Sometimes I just do not understand the people

The lake – It started similar (heck, that might be just a coincidence) – a fine warm (not devil`s sauna`s hot like the past days) weather, I was working from homeoffice in Slovakia. What makes me proud on my little tow is that we have a perfect outdoor pool. Lot of good memories :-0 But it`s a bit far, so I`ve decided to cross the river Vah and swim a bit in the local lake. Did that already that day during the lunchbreak (oh yeaaah), the water was perfect – 26 degrees, the air 24 I think. So a good relax after a working day. There was absolutely nobody at the lake, just a fisherman. Well, I have moved a bit to the side so I will not disturb him and started swimming. Him and his wife were just sitting in the car (that is what I call fishing), I was keeping the distance apx 30 meters from the fishing poles. The two staring at me as I was passing (still solid 30 meters from the shore) and sudenlly I`ve heard some ringing. Oh boy they have a caught. And It`s me !! … I did not see the wire (cca 40 meters from the shore) and somehow got thru.. The ringing was gone, but I started to notice a lot of cursing from that direction. I just yelled back “soooooory, did not see it” but the cursing continued, calling me various names. When I heard “I`m gonna hit you with a rock” I yelled that he should thread if he doesn`t mean it. Anyway, he pulled the wire back and I continued swimming. After some time I got with a huge detour to my stuff on the shore. And said to myself -hmm, I am just gonna talk to that guy. Took my towel, my shirt and walked slowly to the car. While on 2 meter distance I saw that the woman is saying something to the man and looking at me – and it started. With my obligatory “hey dude, let`s talk a bit” – with a normal voice, because I did have a reason why to be mad, I`ve started to say – one more time, I`m sor … I did not finish the sentence that I`m sorry, but I just did not see the wires. The guy literary charged out of the vehicle with a knife. Well, was not really a knife – more like a mall machette. With a foot long blade charging like a bull towards me yelling that he`s gonna stab that punk (me)… his wife somehow caught him (or slowed him down at least) he was waving the blade really close to my stomach. And at that moment I`ve remembered that story from Strelice – where a crazy senior stabbed 3 people on the buss stop. “Uf, just calm down” – were my thoughts “do not provocate him” … but I did not have to do it, that guy started throwing with his fist and waving with the blade. I got one hit with a fist, but nothing which could really hurt. What I`ve managed was to get his blade and throw it away, what surprised him. I was really so close to get a good hit right to his old face, but I stopped. I have never hit a woman and a senior. What would that prove to me? And god knows, after one good hit I could make that idiot fall down, breach his head on stones and die. No, I did not hit him and said “you sir, are one lucky bastard, because I would never hit such a old man” The guy was maybe 60, well max 65. The same as my dad I would say. And I felt okay for a moment. But he started to curse again and trying to hit me with a stone. The woman, who was holding back finally figured out that her man is behaving really like a douche, because all I was doing was yelling “calm the fuck down and let me explain” and he was waving his with arms. I figured out, I will not reach anything , maybe just get hurt – so I said something like fuck you, you do not deserve any appologies and turned  my back to them and was leaving. With a distance of 15 meters I yelled back to the river of swearing that I will report that to cops, because running around with a machette is not really safe. But I did not do that – while returning home I was thinking a bit about the situation – That misserable looser has what he deserves. No presence, no future. If so mad while fishing, I think a normal life will bring him a hearth attact.

An epilogue maybe? Naah, haven`t anything. Just wanna say, that I may not be perfect, but know that I would never try to harm anyone just because I`m mad at something. I want always to be a better man, to be above such things. Nobody of this two handeled those situations like a true man – The trucker used his (maybe not even his) heavy truck as a weapon and dissapeared. The fisherman did not want to listen, did not want to think. With a blade charging on a guy with bare hands. That makes these two people coward pricks.

Lessons learned? I will carry a phone and record the plate next time. And avoid trying to talk some sence to an swearing mad old guy.  And keep my flag on the roof of the penthouse. marking the slovak embassy in Stare Brno 🙂