Everybody dreams and everybody has wishes. Spending last few weeks in shops trying to get what could be my passage to a smile and a a good mood. Suprisigly managed to get it all few days before the Day X. Driving home for Christmas is not just another already annoying song, but was as well my way how to dissapear from Brno

Missed most of the X-mas parties there and spend a perfect week in Hannover. Which I begged for, after 2 weeks of spending the time just with me, the sofa & TV remote. One of the best times this year. Actually the last weekend before X-mas wasn`t that bad at all. Au contraire, was a good time with some friends, having some day of in a spa and of course a bit of the woodworking. Not having the smallest clue that the end of the year is already knocking on the door


The idea of Christmas is to find peace and quiet time. I miss that a lot, however instead of going for a calm and fine few hours to see some friends who actually invited me to their home (belive me ore not) or to have a hot Medovina, Gloegli, Svarak, I am just having excuses and backstories. Sometimes true, sometimes not. Don`t get a totally bad impression – while the christmas time I just want to be around mom & dad. And my sister I guess. Don`t wanna have all the stress with running a milion miles thru the stores and especially don`t wanna have the the best New years party ever. Because it`s gonna suck. The 99,9% of all this events just suck, because it`s New year`s eve and we just expect too much. Spending it at the new home will be the best choice. Dear world, just face it. I have given up on you


Sad and pathetic. Just the way I like it.

Happy Holidays everyne !!