The past taught me a lot. Mostly to shut up in the right moment, which I am actually still not really good at. Seeing tons of worthless crap in pink the last days, I have figured out I have to share some of the states of mind which got stuck in my head for the past 10 years

Change is always NOT good
I will not change the few things I`m proud of about me. It`s me and if u liked me before, I stand behind that and will not make anything different. Vice versa, I will not expect that from you. I will not get rid of my buddies you hate, because I quietly tolerate those idiots & loosers u call friends

Its all about the money
I will not cover the bill on the first date. Call me a cheapskate, call me a douche. The first date is about knowing each other and I don`t think you will change yer mind if I am an gentleman whn i throw a 500 on the table or not. Women who out-whore for meal on the 1st date,  don`t have a chance for the second one. We live in the 21st century and I want to spend time with a woman that is a partner to me. Not a trophy

The 3333rd aniversary
I am very bad with dates. I am happy I can remmember some of the many birthdays of close people. If it ain`t on a special occasion like X-mas or so, I will probably not remmember it. But I will remmember when we got a fine meal together or I got beaten in pool (although luck is in your case your middle name)

Two peas in a pot
I like the movies i watch. And I like music I listen to. If I don`t watch the stuff you like, its most probably because I don`t like it. We can`t match in every single item on your crazy “ideal partner” list. If I don`t wanna go to the movies, it`s because I don`t like the choice there. If grind my teeth or fall asleep, don`t be offended. It`s nothing against you – it`s just the movie is crap. Don`t make me listen to your music if I don`t like it, don`t force me to “give it a chance”

Meet the dad
I know U like your family and you are very proud about your elders. And for some reasons want me to figure out the same. I will meet them when I`m ready, not when you are

Swinging with the crowd
I hate the modern X-mas, hallowen and I especially hate Valentine. I hate when somebody throws in my face something which comes not from the soul, but from some corporate douches mind (cos the bussiness goes bad, inventing new ways to earn cash). I will never get a “aaaaaaaahh” moment on Feb 14th. No candy, no roses. No serenades under the balcony. We are both already grown up and they are way better choices to prove my symphaties

Playing the upper class
I won`t drive a BMW. Or an Audi. Because it`s not me, its not the class I wanna be in (and of course as my dad said: rather a new Hyundai, than a old audi). I won`t take you to the fanciest restaurant in the capitol. It`s not the question of money, it`s the way I stay with both feet on the ground. If you expect me to do so, forget it. If we did not meet in a golf club, I am certain we won`t have many reasons to go there. Why shall I pretend, I like to eat sushi. To show up with a coupon from the good `ol world wide web does`t make me rich. I will rather be stuck in my class. Which of course ain`t even close to a smelly pub.

The most romantic city in the world

I will never take you to Paris. Because I find that city boring. And I will not participate on today`s madness “How cool is Christmas market in Vienna?” The fact, that all your BFF were already there and claim it the place to be, is really not interesting for me.  There are litterary zilions of more interesting places and I am always happy to hear about one I don`t know about.

For this I certaintly won`t be your Valentine for this year. Oh well, won`t be the first time, right?