It ain`t a new information, that I am a real softy. Especially in cases where people are involved. To be honest, dogs, cats, horses or women (!!!) leave me cold and really do not understand the big whop about how a doggie needs shelter, while there are milions of people who are dying on the streets. Does not matter now. Its not gonna be about any animal or animal friends today. Its gonna be about us

Started few years back with the floods I`ve decided to put some money aside for the less fortunate. Reocuring every single year I am getting the feeling, that the money (which ain`t much) was flushed to the toilet No changes, no new ideas to solve how we ITIL certified (hell yeah) say PROBLEM. The INCIDENT is solved, but everybody just lays down afterwards and let the fuure decide. Because I can`t really find another explanation why we (CZ & SK) face floods everyother year

My forefathers (nicely said) back in the sixties decided that having floods in Vrutky every other year is quite unpleasant. So they got their sleeves up and regulated the river. And it pays off every year. Massive flooding up the stream were present as well this year and my town stayed dry. Thanks to the fathers, grandfathers and their dads. I wish only that nowaday more people would have that much sence. I salute these people.

Taking hard the fact as well the fun everybody makes from a so called homedefence training (Branne cvicenie) we had during the cold war. Nowadays when I see Idiots standing in the middle of a flooding river on a bridge which is barerly there, I say to myself that they really don`t deserve to be rescued later, cos the are too stupid. Nobody knows what to do when a dissaster situation should come. Sad but true

But back to the current events – if you had been hiding in the closet the last week, you maybe dont know about the epic catastrophy in Japan. To be honest, whe I saw it there was a bit more which i could call a moisty eyes. A nation so strong with such discipline facing a flood of biblical proportions. Reading news about the perfect organisation, fuel & energy distributions. And not reading about looting. Bravo Japan and wish you all the best to handle the aftercare. I was so impressed that I wanted to help – sending some money. But beside the SMS scam (where 10+ % takes i dont know who) I did not find anyting else. Well, I`ll keep looking

At this time I would like to pay respect to many dead and hope you will be able to build the homes again as you are the great nation of Japan

The appeal from me is dont wait till it happens. Preparing in advance (and I dont really mean to loot pharmacies for iodid anti radiation pills) is the base for surving. Ask your Mayors and local parlamentaries what are the plans and strategies in case of a dissaster. because only those who are prepared can and will survive