The size does really matter, so We all love small petite things. Especially women. If they say, they don`t they haven`t yet discovered the Acer One Happy. The age yells at us to be digitally portable and that somehow makes the cellphones bigger and laptops smaller. Count to it the weird looking tablets and u might get an idea why is Starbucks so popular with their complimentary WiFi

The One Happy from Acer can be seen as a laptop subclass called Netbook. If you never had a chance to work with it, consider it as a small laptop, or on the other hand a Touchpad with keyboard and no / limited touch-active display. Powered by the Atom family CPU in a very fancy coat. Designed obviously for the ladies, comes in several colors, the design and color is nicely combined to a two colored coat

The chassis si okay, no twisting, no squeaking. Display is glossy – clear & bright, which leads to a usual problem using the device outside when sunny. Ipad2 has the same problem, so why bother, right? The white keyboard is good to touch, will be bad to clean (because its white)

What is truly amazing is the battery – the manufacturer states 8 hours, and to be honest, it is not a lie. In several cases was the netbook operated on the “balanced” power mode and got approximately 6,5 – 7 hr of internet surfing, working with tables & text connected all the time to WiFi.  It charges pretty quickly as well, which means you won`t loose juice that quickly. Expecting any fancy extras wont bring the desired goal, however there is a webcam built in the display frame. Works fine, good for Skype. Nothing more should be expected

The Atom CPU – N450 is a single core, netbook CPU. It has a bit more power than the older CPU`s used in netbooks, doesnt stand a chance in comparison to the desktop Atom models and regular double/quadro core CPU for workstations is a train which is long gone. Designed mostly for Internet, text and dvd movies is a good travel alternative, because of the dimensions and weight. With 1,2 kilo of total weight you will have to forgive a occasional lag caused by the weak CPU, when having more tables open in Firefox. The graphics is build in, IGM 3150 proves to to take the whole config down, but its limits are clear. DVD rips, 480p YouTube videos are the best, whan can be expected to run not in a “Powerpoint slide” speed. Equipped with 1GB RAM and 250 GB HDD the meory/space is nothing what would take the overall performance down. As visible in the tests, it is not bad at all

The computer was provided by Acer in a doubleboot mode – Windows 7 Starter and Android 2.1. As I do not really think, that Android is even worth tryin on a netbook with no touch screen possibility, I was surprised by the W7S as well. unpleasantly. The polish language pack (or better said mutation) is the one and only language for the OS. As the Starter edition is limited in every imaginary way, this was very unpleasant. I suggest to use the Vistalizator application, to have the possibility to change the language of the OS. Second and very important if we already understand what we see is to get rid of the brazzilion (literary) of junk installed . Always consider OS reinstallation and remember – the netbook does not have any DVD drive. Only imput option are the 3 USB ports (2.0)

The Starter edition can be upgraded to Home, for my understanding its not really worth to do so, because we lose the great price/value ratio. With no change to change the wallpaper (of course its possible via an unofficial add-on) and several other features (missing Aero, no additional display – just mirror, no Media centre possibilities)  but on the other hand, it runs pretty smooth most of the time as well on 1GB of RAM

The final view says, depending for how much you get the Aspire One Happy, it is a very nice alternative to the small MacBook Air, but you have to keep in mind the limits given mostly by the CPU and graphics and from my point it should be considered as a small travel / school laptop

+ great value for money
+ design
+ disk performance

– easy to scratch / get dirty
– single core CPU
– windows 7 starter