The last few weeks Iam getting the feeling I might have dissapointed (some of) you

to be honest, i never profiled myself as a simple guy, nor I expect that from my close ones. As the life is full of bad and mean people, I was always thinking that the things i do for you all make the difference. To help you when u need it, to be there when u require to have someone close. Iam what I am. Either you will accept that or find someone else to be your friend. True friendship is for me something I belive in most in the world.

What i need is to challenge my friends to defend themselves when we start to discuss things.This is just my curse – I see in my friends strong idividuals, who have their opinion, their vision. And know if they wanna share it or not. As we are not the same, every of us has a diifferent style of argumentation, that makes us unique and that i what i like about you (all). I could not be a friend with myself, and I am happy you can.

I know – my manners are often very bad and I tend to write faster than i think. Some of you feel hurt – what I feel responsible for. I say okay, my appologies But to get to what I wanna say – I will say sorry and be sad, if I promise to do something, be somewhere and I will not do that. Simply said, I will be dissapointed when I leave you standing in the rain. In that moment i failed as a friend. I will never take back what i stand for. If this all is againts your nature, erase my phone number, delete me from facebook and don`t say even “hey” if we meet on a street. Because that is what i deserve if you think you can do better that me.

And yes – you can do better than me. It is only your choice

Wrote in 2009, never published. As its actual more than ever, saved me the trouble writing it new 🙂